Northeast Decision Sciences Institute 2014 Annual Conference
Philadelphia, Pennslyvania
March 27-29, 2014



Please follow these format instructions carefully. All articles for the proceedings must be submitted electronically. Your accepted submission must be uploaded in PDF format in order for it to be published in the NEDSI Conference Proceedings. The proceedings are only distributed in electronic form, on CD-ROM, yet submissions should nevertheless comply with the formatting guidelines below. Only after you have carefully proofed your paper should you put it in the PDF format. We recommend that you print samples of your paper to verify the correct margin settings. Papers that deviate from these instructions may be omitted at the discretion of the Proceedings Coordinator.



Proceedings PDF files must be submitted via the website starting on February 1, 2014. The cutoff date for uploading the accepted submissions to the Proceedings is February 15, 2014. Please see instructions below:

Caution on Payment of Registration Fees

At least one author of the paper or proposal must pay his or her registration fee in order to submit to the Proceedings. All authors of a paper attending the conference must be registered. Please check our web site at and click on 2014 Conference and then Registration for information regarding the fee payment. Payment is accepted in US Dollars. If the submitter intends to pay by check, it may take as long as one week after receipt of the check by us before the conference database is updated to show that payment has been made, thereby allowing the Proceedings submission upload.

Caution on Graphics

There have been recent problems with the inclusion of bitmap graphic figures in a Proceedings document. When combined into the final Proceedings document, a bitmap graphic may come through as a black rectangle. You are encouraged to use other formats, such as graphics with a .jpg extension. Doing a copy and paste of a graphic image from Excel or PowerPoint into a Word document will not cause a problem.

Length and Content

Please keep the page limit to 30 or smaller than 1 Meg in size or 30 pages. Submitters of panel, tutorial and workshop sessions may also submit to the Proceedings with no page limit. The system software places the word "Panel: ", "Tutorial: " or "Workshop: " at the beginning of these session titles, so the session title as submitted should not include these words.


Your PDF file may contain traditional English, French or Greek characters. It should NOT contain any other language characters, such as Korean or Chinese, which have caused problems in the past.


By submitting the manuscript, the author certifies that it has not been previously published in a journal or conference proceeding. The author retains copyright ownership but grants to IDSI a license to circulate and display the manuscript to conference attendees.

Paper Title and First Page

There is no title page per se. The first page of the paper begins with the title, followed by author information, and optionally followed by an abstract and keywords. Then, triple-space before beginning the body of the paper. The title of your paper should be in bold type, all caps, single spaced, and centered across the top of the first page.

Authors Information

The author(s), affiliation(s), complete address(es), email address(es), and telephone number(s) should be single-spaced and centered on the second line below the title. Do not use titles such as Dr., Professor, etc. Triple-space after the last author's name before beginning the abstract.

Proceedings Instruction

On our web site at, please click on 2014 Conference, then click on Proceedings and then the following links.

Please use the following link for the Proceedings Instruction:

he following link provides the Proceedings template for papers and abstracts:

The following link provides the Proceedings template for workshops and tutorials:

To Upload to the Proceedings

On our web site at, please click on 2014 Conference, then click on Submission. On the Submission page, please click on the link below and you can now upload your submission on the CMS site.