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2015 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute
Annual Conference
Hotel Marlowe, Cambridge, MA
March 20-22, 2015 Please Click Here...

Northeast Decision Sciences Institute


Welcome to NEDSI

For those of you who are reading about us for the first time, let us explain a little about our group. We are one of several regions that comprise our professional society, the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI). Our region encompasses the Northeastern United States.

Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI) holds an annual regional meeting each spring that features presentations of original research papers; Ph.D. and new faculty development seminars; a placement service; case writing; and other interesting innovations in the fields of Accounting; Business Education; Finance; HRM; Management; Marketing; MIS/DSS/Expert Systems and IT; Organizational Behavior; Operations Management; Strategic Management; and Supply Chain Management, among others. Awards for "Best Paper" in several different categories are given each year.

The Decision Sciences Institute holds an annual meeting in November and publishes the Decision Sciences Journal, the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education and the newsletter Decision Line. Most members of DSI are academics who teach in colleges and universities, although practitioners are always welcome and encouraged to join.

To find out more about participating in NEDSI meetings or about becoming a member of DSI, click on any of the topics on the left. You will find a complete list of current NEDSI people including Advisory Council members, Board Members, and Officers. Additionally, you will find a link to the minutes from previous board minutes and the next NEDSI annual meeting.

A Note from the President

Greetings! As President of the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute, I am delighted to have this opportunity to connect with you this summer. I invite our loyal members and friends to join us for the 2015 NEDSI Meeting in Cambridge, MA, just across the river from Boston. Program Chair, Joy Field, is planning a wonderful meeting and we hope to see you, as well as some new faces, there. I wish you a wonderful summer and a happy productive fall.

See you in Cambridge!
John F. Affisco, Ph.D.
Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Hofstra University
2015 NEDSI Conference President

NEDSI People

NEDSI Officers
PresidentJohn Affisco, Hofstra University
President ElectMinoo Tehrani, Roger Williams University
Immediate Past PresidentJanelle Heineke, Boston University
Program ChairJoy Field, Boston College
Program Chair ElectPedro Reyes, Baylor University
Vice President - ProceedingsOpen
Vice President - CommunicationsLinda Boardman Liu, Boston College
Vice President - Member ServicesEric Stein, Pennsylvania State University - Malvern
Vice President - Promotional ActivitiesJavad Paknejad, Hofstra University
Vice President - TechnologyOpen
TreasurerDeb Sledgianowski, Hofstra University
SecretaryJohn Weber, DeVry University
ArchivistJennifer A. Swanson, Stonehill College
Local Arrangements ChairsLinda Boardman Liu, Boston College
Janelle Heineke, Boston University
Board of Directors
Arthur Cheng-Hsui Chen, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Q.B. Chung, Villanova University
Surendra M. Gupta, Northeastern University
Neset Hikmet, University of South Carolina
Esther E. Klein, St. Francis College
Chun-An Li, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Matthew J. Liberatore, Villanova University
Virginia Miori, St. Joseph's University
Kaushik Sengupta, Hofstra University
Advisory Council
Snehamay Banerjee, Rutgers University - Camden
Shaw K. Chen, University of Rhode Island
Mark M. Davis, Bentley University
Maling Ebrahimpour, Roger Williams University
Janelle Heineke, Boston University
Christine T. Kydd, University of Delaware
David M. Levine, Bernard M. Baruch College (CUNY)
Paul Mangiameli, University of Rhode Island
Larry C. Meile, Boston College
Susan E. Pariseau, Merrimack College
Fariborz Y. Partovi, Drexel University
R. Dan Reid, University of New Hampshire
Luis Eduardo Rivera-Solis, Capella University
Kenneth J. Sousa, Bryant University
Jennifer A. Swanson, Stonehill College
Minoo Tehrani, Roger Williams University
Barbara E. Withers, University of San Diego
Past Presidents
1972-1973Thomas E. Vollman
1973-1974David C. Murphy
1974-1975Rocco Carzo, Jr.
1975-1976Louis R. Desfosses
1976-1977Dennis W. McLeavey
1977-1978William Naumes
1978-1979Thomas J. Hindelang
1979-1980Frank T. Paine
1980-1981William R. Allen
1981-1982James D. Portwood
1982-1983Michael J. Maggard
1983-1984William E. Hahn
1984-1985Jonathan S. Burton
1985-1986Robert A. Parsons
1986-1987David M. Levine
1987-1988Algin B. King
1988-1989Robert J. Pavan
1989-1990John C. Saber
1990-1991Albert E. Avery
1991-1992Margaret J. Naumes
1992-1993David W. Pentico
1993-1994Mark M. Davis
1994-1995Christine T. Kydd
1995-1996R. Dan Reid
1996-1997Paul M. Mangiameli
1997-1998Maling Ebrahimpour
1998-1999Stephen J. Schiffman
1999-2000Shaw K. Chen
2000-2001Susan E. Pariseau
2001-2002Luis Eduardo Rivera-Solis
2002-2003Shaw K. Chen
2003-2004Barbara E. Withers
2004-2005Janelle Heineke
2005-2006Larry Meile
2006-2007Fariborz Y. Partovi
2007-2008Jennifer A. Swanson
2008-2009Rhonda A. Hyde
2009-2010Snehamay Banerjee
2010-2011Kenneth J. Sousa
2011-2012Susan E. Pariseau
2012-2013Minoo Tehrani
2013-2014Janelle Heineke
Program Committee
Program ChairJoy Field, Boston College
Local Arrangements ChairsLinda Boardman Liu, Boston College
Janelle Heineke, Boston University

Proceedings from Past NEDSI Meetings

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2013 Proceedings

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